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About Me

A locked wooden box which held the secrets to the Brotherhood known as los Hermanos Penitentes inspired my debut novel. I wrote in on summer vacation in 1992 and devoted the next 2 decades to my family and my career: teaching mainly high school and college English courses.

I published El Hermano in April of  2017, and I haven't stopped writing. Today, May 22, 2019, I have 3 books and 17 short works published. 

My dream of becoming an author has come true, and as long as I have stories to tell, I'll be writing about my ancestors and people like them from the very land which my own antepasados settled. 

I invite you to visit and follow my Facebook author page where I update often about my upcoming publications, share short articles about what I've learned about writing, publishing, or marketing, and where I promote authors who have become friends and whose work I enjoy reading.

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Bio: About Me
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