I've been promoting my first book for fifteen months, primarily through my Facebook author page which has proven to be my best marketing tool. It seems I did a great job getting the word out there because my hometown and my page followers rushed to online booksellers ready to read it when it finally released on May 18.


El Hermano Book Launch

May 27, 2017

About a month prior to the event, a good friend arranged to have my launch at our local CCHP (Citizens’ Committee for Historical Preservation) building because my book is historical fiction, based in part on historical documents and artifacts in my possession which were (and still are) on exhibit there.
Two weeks prior to launch, I created fliers which were posted on every business up and down the block where the CCHP is located. The CCHP manager arranged to have it announced in the local paper and radio station three days previously as well. 
So with my launch also three days away, it’s no wonder that Amazon reported it was “out of stock.” “Don’t they realize how large your fan base is?” one of my former students, who’s been following my updates for the entire time, commented. This came as a surprise to me as I had no clue how large it actually grew in the year since I posted I was publishing. My publisher also emailed on that day to tell me that our local bookseller had to go restock twice before the launch also. 
On the day of the launch, Saturday, May 27, 2017, all online booksellers reported it was out of stock, and the bookseller ran out promptly after she opened her store. She had to run back to my publisher (about 60 miles) for more, and she ran out of books again during the launch.
The CCHP board and friends provided finger foods and several people went out and bought flowers; I wasn’t expecting such thoughtful gestures, and it brought me to tears. It was a monumental event with over 70 people coming and going for three hours. Never in my wildest dreams do I expect such a reception from my hometown.